Welcome to Sanskrit Shiksha Foundation!

Sanskrit Shikha Foundation is a  non-profit & charity organization, which is dedicated to research and development of Sanskrit Education, Vedic Literature & Scripture.

Sanskrit is the most ancient language which has been the primary language used in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Ancient poetry, plays, scientific books, religious writings, and philosophical works all made use of Sanskrit literature. Shiksha is a Sanskrit word, which means “instruction, lesson, learning, study“. Sanskrit Shiksha means “Study of Sanskrit”.

Learning Sanskrit helps our brains function more efficiently, which makes it easier for us to understand new ideas and concepts. Additionally, this leads to enhanced speech patterns and multilingual communication. As a result, many terms in languages that evolved from these, including English, French, Spanish, etc., show similarities to Sanskrit. Many academics say that a person fluent in Sanskrit is easily able to comprehend and master any other language.

Therefore, we have established this online portal: sanskritshiksha.org to help Sanskrit Learners with useful Sanskrit resources which they will need to learn.